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Virtual Timeline

University of Notre Dame, School of Medicine and Nursing

The second stage of the University of Notre Dame's project, the $20 million School of Medicine and Nursing in Darlinghurst, involved the construction of a new 3500m2, seven-level building containing lecture rooms and offices.

This was another significant heritage listed site, which required sensitive design to preserve heritage characteristics, as well as technical expertise to deal safely with asbestos, lead paint, and bio-hazardous materials. The buildings required decontamination prior to any investigations or construction works commencing on site.

From 2005, Equiset worked with the design team and Sydney City Council to resolve key development issues. The heritage listed Church building needed to be reduced in size to make way for the footprint of a new seven storey teaching building. This required the relocation of a 94 tonne mosaic inside the Church. Equiset successfully relocated this significant artwork, without the loss of a single tile.

The project works were completed in December 2006, allowing classes to commence in the first semester of 2007.

Grollo Property

  • Construction commenced October 2006 and was completed February 2008

  • 3,500m2, seven-story building

  • Significant heritage restoration

  • Landscaping and courtyard development