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Governor Phillip Tower

The first major project the Grollos won in Sydney was the Governor Phillip Tower, an extremely significant project in terms of the site's place in Australia's history. The tower is located on the site of Australia's first Government House.

The location required design and construction that was sensitive to the heritage of the site. The design had to conserve archeological remains and incorporate them into the Museum of Sydney, which was built at the same time. It also had to accommodate two rows of historic terrace houses. The brief required the designer and builder to deliver a state of the art quality high-rise office building with maximum site development.

The result is the 227m tower designed in the modernist style by architects Denton Corker Marshall. The building sits 10 floors above street level on a series of large zinc-plated transfer beams atop a 4-level sandstone-glad podium. An innovative structural system was used to cantilever over the terrace houses.

Governor Phillip Tower dominates the city skyline and makes the most of the incredible views that Sydney offers. The $300 million building features a glass and granite facade and steel bladed roof. The architecture, construction, finish and design set new construction standards in Australia.

Construction of the Governor Phillip Tower was more than a structural challenge – it was also a cultural challenge as the Grollos sought to succeed in a new environment. Despite some union difficulties, the Grollos delivered the award-winning Governor Phillip Tower and won the contract to build the adjoining Governor Macquarie Tower.

Grollo Property

  • First Grollo major project in Sydney

  • On the site of Australia's first Government House

  • 227m, 65 level office tower incorporating a complex steel cantilevered structure

  • 2nd tallest building in Sydney at time of completion

  • Project value: $300 million

  • Completed August 1993