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The 1990s was a massive decade for the Grollos. Anticipating a downturn in construction in Melbourne, the Grollos set their sights on Sydney. During this decade, the company won contracts for buildings that have become landmarks in both cities and have contributed to the growth of the nation's business and commercial sectors.

At the beginning of the decade Grocon won a prized Sydney contract – the Governor Phillip Tower. This was just the beginning; in the ten years from 1990 to 2000, Grocon completed ten major projects in Sydney, including heritage restorations, office towers and a hotel. Breaking into the Sydney market however was not easy. It required the company to adapt to the construction culture in Sydney, employing a local permanent workforce of 400 people.

At the same time the political climate in Melbourne was changing. Despite being overlooked for major government contracts, the Grollos won a number of high profile private tenders, including the luxurious Westin and Park Hyatt hotels and the iconic Crown Casino complex.

In this decade, the Grollos continued their track record of delivering on time and on budget and also confirmed their reputation as quality builder able to preserve historical buildings, blending old and new.

Increasingly the third generation of Grollos took on more responsibility, bringing new philosophies, values and visions. At the end of this decade the Grollo brothers divided the business to pursue their family interests within and outside of the construction industry.