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Virtual Timeline

420 and 474 St Kilda Road

During the 1970s development along tree-lined St Kilda Road to the south-east of Melbourne's CBD increased and the area was becoming an important centre for business and for recreation. In the 1970s and 80s the Grollos work on several building projects along St Kilda Road, in some instances the company was both builder and investor.

420 St Kilda Road

420 St. Kilda Road, located at the intersection with Toorak Road, is one of the most recognisable buildings on the boulevard. With a full glass curtain, each floor enjoys exceptional natural light and views over the nearby parklands, including Albert Park lake and golf course and Fawkner Park. This high quality office building was completed by the Grollo Group in 1981.

474 St Kilda Road

Completed in 1984, 474 St Kilda Road has three street frontages and panoramic views over Albert Park Lake, Port Phillip Bay, Fawkner Park and the city skyline.

Grollo Property