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By 1970 the Grollo family business was operating from new headquarters in Preston. Rino Grollo was making an impact on the business, bringing an unprecedented level of professionalism to the operations, and the administration role was growing with more employed to meet the task.

The business was also taking on new projects and venturing into new areas. In the early 1970s most of the work was still in concrete construction for large builders throughout Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs. While the Grollos continued to build some municipal pools in the 1970s, they also developed a substantial portfolio of shopping complexes and commercial buildings. In 1972 the Grollos set up their own concrete plant, ensuring supplies were not disrupted by supplier or union action.

During this decade, the company began looking into part-ownership of the buildings they were constructing, a policy that would pay dividends. In the second half of the 1970s they were investing significantly in the growing office-based construction along Melbourne's St. Kilda Road.

It is during this period that the business relocated key personnel to Darwin for two years to build 400 cyclone-proof houses. The Grollos began work in Darwin in September 1975 after winning and $18 million Federal Government contract.